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Louis Vuitton 2017 early spring series

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London May 29, Louis Vuitton 2017 early spring vacation series in Rio de Janeiro surprise staged. RiodeJaneiro’s place name implies “the river of January”, as the host of the 2016 Olympic Games, the city has the coastal zone of the unique passion and romance. 2017 early spring vacation series is Nicolas Ghesquiere took office since the release of the third series of early spring, this is comparable to the “architectural fans” creative director of this conference will be held in the selection of a landmark in Brazil – Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum .

Supermodel Mica Arganaraz debut, it doesn’t know whether the tropical ocean sent to the feelings of Nicolas Ghesquiere inspiration, cherry purple, mango yellow, red sun, warm orange, ocean blue and other heat-filled colors filled with this series. Slim profile and asymmetric design brings multi-level visual effects, exploring the endless possibilities of the blue coastline.

The Pioneering Mystery of Freedom

In the Louis Vuitton 2017 early spring vacation series, creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere in the name of freedom to pay tribute to the Brazilian artist HelioOiticica – a Neo-Concrete movement pioneer. In this season’s show floor, thin parachute material has become the focus of the design, inspired by the classic works of Helio Oiticica “light of clothing” for the idea of this light swallow: the parachute material evolved into a single body Skirts, jackets and cloaks, headwinds, Parker coat like a kite-like start, taffeta dress cloak to show the wind dance posture, the flow of flu and free soul meet.

Welcome to the Olympic Games, enjoy the sport of music

The Olympic heat gradually warming up, but also for the Louis Vuitton 2017 early spring vacation series is full of infinite unknown surprise. The work of the Brazilian artist Aldemir Martins shows the dynamism of the Nordstrom region of northeastern Brazil. Popular by Brazilian pop culture, especially the influence of football culture, he is one of the most famous paintings “AFera” (1969) to pay tribute to Pele. Creative director Nicholas Gaskell was inspired by the sport of football, the movement will be used in the design of the elements. Artist Aldemir Martins’ work has also become one of the inspiration for this season, the business of flowers and elegant skirt accompanied by vibrant and full of vitality of the spring.

Cheap Louis Vuitton Factory Outlet UK, Come On

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Louis Vuitton Factory Outlet UK For You Sale With Free Shipping When You Buy

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